Willing to open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan? Things you need to know

Willing to open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan? 

Things you need to know 


How to open an account?

Amazon is one of the biggest four technology companies that have crossed the trillion mark in the market. Unfortunately, Amazon has ignored Pakistan in the past because of the relatively smaller size of the economy and the restrictive regulations of the bank here. These were the main reasons why Amazon did not allow Pakistanis to sell their goods on this platform. But if a person living in Sialkot who sells sports equipment on Amazon can earn $1-$2 million monthly, the same as a guy who sells sunglasses on Amazon can earn $55,000 per month. 

Now the question is, how did they reach the platform of Amazon before it landed in Pakistan? With a Pakistani address, phone number, and bank account, you could not sign up as a seller on the platform of Amazon. Amazon requires the bank account registrations of the countries where Amazon is operating. Being an overseas Pakistani, you can easily overcome all the hurdles. Still, if you do not have a bank account or a resident ship in other countries, you have to adopt legal ways to sign-up as a seller account. With VC Filing, we are all set to help and look out for all your legal matters and allow you to open a bank account and also they will help you make your account with PayPal, Stripe and handle all the services single-handled. 


Requirements of Amazon

Being the first category, you can easily find all the detailed procedures for signing up for Amazon. A few tested solutions to some of the problems in the whole process are discussed below.

  • Once you reach the official sign-up through the website, you must keep in mind that you should not be in any hurry to click the option of sign-up shown in yellow on the top right corner. But if you are willing to pay some dollars for the professional seller sign-up, scroll a bit down and then select the option of signing up as an individual seller.

  • Use the correct spelling of your name and address according to your passport and the documents you are providing. Otherwise, you may face severe problems because Amazo is very conscious of these details. 

  • You always have to scan your documents and attach the scanned photos because if you click the images with your mobile phones as recommended by Amazon, your might not be uploaded due to the wrong orientation. 

Not having a residency abroad?

Some long and detailed procedures are mentioned on the Google pages about setting up a store on Amazon. You can do it by making a useless seller account when Amazon cannot recognize you due to your residency. If you live in Pakistan or have a Pakistani bank account, it is not acceptable by the Amazon policy. Amazon will not let you sign up for the seller account. This process is working accurately to register a legal seller account for the people of Amazon. These are the people who can use the US bank accounts and also the address. 

There might be a case if you do not have any bank account and address in countries other than Pakistan and are willing to earn the value that you and your product deserve. Then there may be perfectly legal ways to do it. These also include bank accounts registrations other than Pakistan, and also they allow the use of the online banking facility. So join hands with VC Filing for all the uneven assistance in this regard.


Pakistan is among one the countries with a lot of great potential to grow in the field of Amazon. According to a report, almost 70% of people sell textile products on Amazon sourced from Pakistan. The total export of Pakistan was around $24 billion. The sales volume in these peak days was about $3.5 billion per day for seven days. Also, they can compensate for the total export of Pakistan. So with the best of your skill and our assistance, it will work as a miracle for Pakistan's economy.