Who Are We?

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our team strenuously assists all such people from Pakistan looking for company formation opportunities abroad, such as in the UK, USA or Australia.

Considering the countless limitations posed by territorial borders and a ton of paperwork, it is no wonder that the idea of owning an international company seems like a far-fetched dream. However, Vc Filing is here to sort out every last detail for you and make the process of owning and remotely operating an international company from Pakistan absolutely hassle-free! 

Our clients can start up a company in the UK, USA, Australia, and other 8+ countries.

Our Vision

When one thinks of running a business in the UK or USA, certain requirements, such as getting an address, opening up a bank account, or the unavailability of business platforms like Amazon and eBay in the region, make it all seem impossible.

Vc Filing consists of a team of experts that enable freelancers and entrepreneurs from Pakistan to get their very own online Limited Companies while simultaneously taking care of tricky paperwork. At the same time, clients can utilize professional mail forwarding, meeting room, and secretarial services that undoubtedly serve as success boosters for online start-ups.

With Vc Filing you can now run a full-scale business in the UK, USA, Australia, and 8+ countries from the comfort of your home!

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Why Chose VC Filling?

The benefits of owning an international company in the UK, USA, Australia, or other countries are inconceivable. It helps online businesses obtain a refined and trustworthy reputation while significantly expanding their client base. 

For instance, entrepreneurs from Pakistan who own a company in the USA with the help of Vc Filing can avail themselves of countless opportunities; they can extend their business operations to the highly competitive and flourishing markets based in the 52 states of the USA.

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We work for multinational online platforms from Pakistan

Owning a USA-based online company (or a company in the UK, Australia, or one of the 8+ countries Vc Filing operates within) opens up various other beneficial opportunities for online businesses and struggling entrepreneurs from Pakistan. For instance, clients can seize the chances of working for the most popular multinational online platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. These online platforms help small start-ups reach new heights and flourish beyond all limits.

We are here to dissolve territorial borders and bring international business opportunities right to your doorstep!

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