Open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan | 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps to Open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan


Amazon is one of the most prominent online marketplaces with immense opportunities for sellers. According to the report, 95 million people have availed of their prime membership. Not only this, about 150 million users are enjoying the perks of Amazon from all over the world. So if you sign up as a seller on Amazon, you will have a massive addressable audience. 

According to a report, in 2014, 2 million sellers were able to make a sale of more than 2 billion items worldwide. It is the major reason Amazon allows its seller to access a vast and well-established customers pool. 

Though Amazon did not support Pakistan in the past, it has been reported that almost 70% of the textile product dealers on Amazon are from Pakistan. 

How to Start Your Amazon Business In Pakistan. 

Below is a detailed guide to help you how you can start your Amazon business in Pakistan. 

  1. Don't limit your opportunities and sign-up

If you don't know how to make an account? You don't have to worry because we are here to help you in this crucial moment. If you want to create your seller account on Amazon, go to our official website and follow these steps to make your seller account discussed below.

  1. Don't rush

Once you are on the official page of Amazon, right-click on the see pricing option under the make money header, as there will also be asked to choose options among these two. According to the seller plan, you will have to select the best method for yourself. If you are planning to sell less than 40 products per month compared to choosing the 'individual plan'' will be the best. Otherwise, selecting the ''professional plan'' will be costing you around $40 for the extra service. 


  1. Sign-up

Once you have selected an appropriate plan, enter your email address and passcode for your seller account. Now click on ''create new account''. From here, you can open your account that is already existing or else create a new one. 

  1. Verification of OTP

In the next step, you have to enter your one-time password OTP that Amazon generates. You will also get this password on your email address for verification. Once you are done, click on ''create your Amazon Account''. 

  1. Business location and the Business type

The following steps you need to follow

1. Business location

It is a country where your business will be present. Amazon will verify later, so it is essential to give all the information. If your business location can't be Pakistan, or you don't own a bank account or a residency in other countries, Amazon won't allow you to do business. So if you want to overcome the hurdles, you must have a physical address. You can take help from VC Filing. They facilitate opening business bank accounts with their partner in US banks and provide a virtual address that you have to deliver. 

2.   Business type

Here, you will be asked to choose your business type from the given option, which includes 

· Publicly owned business

· State-owned business

· Privately-owned business

· Charity

· None, I am an individual.


3. Full name

In this option, you must provide your accuracy with no resistance to make an issue.

5 Easy Steps to Open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan

Once you have completed these forms, click on ''Agree and Continue'' and move to the following steps.

Step 1: Personal Information

Once you have completed the registrations of your Amazon sellers account, you will be asked to give several details that are most important. These details include form identification and providing your phone number. The Pakistani phone number will not serve the purpose, so you must get assistance from VC Filing to have your own US phone number by paying some dollars. 

Step 2: Select the best marketplace

When you have completed the ''Individual Information'' section, check the box below to the marketplace and select where you would like to sell your products. 

Step 3:Verification of billing information

Once you make sure that the credit card information validity of, Amazon will ask you to enter the number and expiry date of any of your credit cards along with the names that appear on it 

Step 4: Information about the Products

Once the validity test of your credit card, you will be asked a few questions related to your Amazon store and the products you have planned. You will also have to tell the name of the Amazon store. If you also have UPCs for the product, not. You will also have to know if you are the manufacturer or a brand owner of the product sold on Amazon.

Step 5: Address validation

After you have completed all the steps to verify the other information successfully, you will be asked to confirm the business address you have discussed in previous actions. 

Lifetime Opportunity

One of the biggest regrets is the opportunities that we didn't take now when there are perfect and transparent ways to get the stores on Amazon that you have got a chance to prove yourself. So take a risk today as you can never know how absolute and simple things or opportunities can be significant advantages. You might become one of the Pakistani who can cross the million-dollar mark through Amazon. 


As discussed earlier, Amazon did not operate in Pakistan earlier because you don't have a US residency. You should not limit the opportunities coming your way, as VC Filing is the best possible solution for you. The whole process is making your way to your Amazon seller account. 

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