Halting of the Payoneer Account? How Can Fiverr Freelancers Transact Money Now?

Halting of the Payoneer Account?

How Can Fiverr Freelancers Transact Money Now? 


Payoneer has always been a favorite choice for freelancers for payment transactions. Since it is one of the most favorite partners of freelancers, Fiverr is easily accessible to every part of the world. But to your astonishment, it is not perfect in real life because there are many reasons, as it does not offer the best customer service. The bank also transfers the bank transfers charges and has high prices for ATMs with their debit card. 

However, according to the latest updates, it is reported that FCA freezes all the payments done via Payoneer, which was the most essential medium of money transaction for all freelancers, especially the Pakistani freelancers. 

Instead of getting panic attacks, now is the time for a change and get yourself to relax. 

Different Payment Methods For Freelancers

Fiverr supports other payment methods for freelancers like PayPal, Bank transfers, and Fiverr revenue cards. For US residents, Direct Deposit is also an option for money transactions. 

Fiverr revenue card is also not acceptable because the Payoneer master card is the Fiverr revenue card. The other method mentioned above is Direct Deposits. Even though, you can not avail the options as it is only valid for US citizens. If we talk about Bank Transfers, they are pretty expensive. They cost $3-$5 per withdrawal. So why do you need to spend such a big amount when you can explore other options as well. You can at least give it a try. 

So, if you are a Pakistani freelancer, and all your hope has been lost after the Payoneer account halted, now the only possible option is that of PayPal. 

The service of PayPal

In the comparison of Payoneer and PayPal, the most reliable payment method is PayPal. It is because it has a globally secure network, and also it is famous for its authenticity. Unfortunately, the service of PayPal is not available in most countries; Pakistan is also one of them. But with VC Filing, all your problems can get a solution under expert agents' supervision. 

The Solution to the Problem

There is no service of PayPal in Pakistan yet. But now, Fiverr freelancers can quickly get a PayPal account and withdraw the payments easily with VC Filing, as they promise to solve all your problems. In short, the wait is over. The agents of VC Filing are here to assist you. So jump in and have your PayPal accounts and enjoy your work with Fiverr. 

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