Pakistani Freelancers | Payment issues faced by them and Solutions

       Pakistani Freelancers |

Payment issues faced by them and Solutions 

There is a rapid increase in the number of people working as a freelancer. Freelancers are generally self-employed people they not necessarily committed to any particular clients. They work on long-term and short-term projects, depending on what suits them. 

As a recent report, Pakistan stands as the 4th most popular country in the field of freelancing, it has the top freelancers worldwide, but still, the government is facing lots of problems. The most common problem is faced when it comes to cash withdrawal.

Common platforms For Pakistani Freelancers

For a few years, Pakistan has been producing numerous freelancers, and most of them are working on more than one platform of freelancing to earn money. Some of the freelancers are working on single freelancers platform. Most of the common platforms that Pakistani freelancers use are 

  • Upwork

  • PeoplePerHour

  • Guru

  • Fiver

  • Freelancer

Payment methods accepted by the freelancing Platforms

Here are some of the ways to transfer your amount to Pakistan,


If you are working with Fiverr, the payment method you can transfer your amount to is PayPal via U.S Bank Account. You can also receive via Wire Transfer and Payoneer.


There are five ways by which you can transfer your money to the country, including PayPal. Payoneer. You can also share the amount Direct with the Local Bank. You can also use Wire Transfer and send Direct to U.S Bank.


Express with drawl is the first way if you are working with Freelancer. The other ways you can send your payment are Wire Transfer, PayPal, Skrill. You can also ship via Freelancer Debit Card.

Challenges freelancers face during cash withdrawal

Freelancing is becoming one of the significant parts of earning, whether you are trying to polish your skills or depending upon it. Some of the major challenges that Pakistanis face are;

  • Unable to send and receive money worldwide.

  • There is no PayPal existing.

  • As per the order by the FCA to freeze all the Payoneer Prepaid Master Cards.

  • Banks take time to verify the amount that is sent.

  • There are few payments options for Pakistani freelancers.

What is the solution?

As we know that PayPal does not exist in Pakistan, people are using Payoneer, and now FCA has also blocked Payoneer is also frozen. So now, what is the best and easy way to the solution to draw the amount?

You don't have to worry about anything. The only solution is VC Filing for all the freelancers. As we know how to handle all the legal matters, we also help make a legal PayPal Account for them. So now you can do your job without getting worried.


VC Filing knows how to look after all your legal matters, as our team's mission is to keep you doing your work, and our expert agents will be looking for all your worries. We respect all freelancers, as they are one of our country's most fundamental working forces. According to a report, the total amount generated by Pakistani freelancers was about $0.5 billion. 

VC Filing also makes sure to help them in making PayPal accounts. For more info, please visit How To Open PayPal Account From Pakistan?